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  • 900 Morrison Drive, Ottawa, ON
  • Monday-Friday
    8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Excellence has been our hallmark.

About Us

Every home is unique and one family's needs are different from another's. GreenStar HVAC was created to help homeowners better understand their needs when it comes to savings and comfort. For this reason, we wanted to give a unique experience to each home we help by providing exceptional custom design service that will meet their needs with energy efficient solutions.

We live in a part of the world where weather conditions are extremely varied. In Canada, it can be extremely hot one season and extremely cold another. This situation can be very unpleasant and expensive. At Greenstar HVAC, we believe that a home is a place of comfort and no matter what the weather is like outside, we should be able to enjoy all the comfort it offers without having to worry about bills or anything else.

GreenStar HVAC offers a variety of products that can help improve the comfort in your beautiful home and also help you reduce your energy bills. We know this because we carefully select the best components for our products and install them ourselves as we would in our own home. At GreenStar HVAC, we happen to offer energy-efficient HVAC and air quality solutions. Let us help you!

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Our Advantages

We believe that every home is unique and should be treated as such. Each home receives a personalized treatment that suits the family living in it for optimal results.

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Heating & Cooling Services

No matter what type of system or setup you have in your home, you can count on the team to provide you with the services you need and deserve. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to repair and maintain any type of heating or cooling system.

Company Mission & Vision

Company Mission

To deliver the most professional heating and cooling service available by way of an unmatched client experience, resulting in the highest levels of respect from our community and a rewarding environment for our employees to succeed.

Company Vision

To be the leading HVAC company that provides “the best service and support at the lowest rates."

Company Value

• We do the right thing. • We deliver Results. • We support our employees. • We are customer oriented. • We are efficient. • We are passionate. • We believe in integrity.

Do You Need Help with
Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance

Do You Need Help
with Air Conditioning &

Contact us – our technicians are ready to help you solve that issue.

Contact us – our technicians are ready
to help you solve that issue.

Why Choose Us ?

WE CARE ABOUT YOU. Because we care, we’re committed to quality in everything we do. The quality of our work lies in our craftsmanship and experience. Our technicians are specialists who take pride in the work they do. We’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

Quality influences every part of our business, including:

  • Quality Products
  • Quality Energy Evaluations
  • Quality Technicians
  • Quality Installations
  • Quality Service & Repairs