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Calculating the annual cost of electric energy for an air conditioner Ottawa

Calculating the annual cost of electric

energy for an

air conditioner Ottawa

new air conditioner in Ottawa

Electric Power is generally estimated in kilowatts (kW). Electric energy is generally estimated in kilowatt-hours (kW·h). For instance, if an electric burden that draws 1.5 kW of electric force is worked for 8 hours, it utilizes 12 kW·h of electric energy. In the United States, a private electric client is charged dependent on the measure of electric energy utilized. On the client charge, the electric utility expresses the measure of electric energy, in kilowatt-hours (kW·h), that the client utilized since the last bill, and the expense of the energy each kilowatt-hour (kW·h).

Climate control system sizes are regularly given as “tons” of cooling, where 1 ton of cooling rises to 12,000 BTU/h (3.5 kW). 1 ton of cooling rises to the measure of force that should be applied constantly over a 24-hour time frame to liquefy 1 ton of ice.

The yearly expense of electric energy devoured by a climate control system might be determined as follows:

(Cost, $/year) = (unit size, BTU/h) × (hours of the year, h) × (energy cost, $/kW·h) ÷ (SEER, BTU/W·h) ÷ (1000, W/kW)

Model 1:

A cooling unit appraised at 72,000 BTU/h (21 kW) (6 tons), with a SEER rating of 10, works 1000 hours of the year at an electric energy cost of $0.12 each kilowatt-hour (kW·h). What is the yearly expense of the electric energy it employments?

(72,000 BTU/h) × (1000 h/year) × ($0.12/kW·h) ÷ (10 BTU/W·h) ÷ (1000 W/kW) = $860/year

Model 2.

A home close to Ottawa has a climate control system with a cooling limit of 4 tons and a SEER rating of 10. The unit is worked 120 days every year for 8 hours of the day (960 hours out of each year), and the electric energy cost is $0.10 each kilowatt-hour. What is its yearly expense of activity as far as electric energy? To start with, we convert huge loads of cooling to BTU/h:

(4 tons) × (12,000 (BTU/h)/ton) = 48,000 BTU/h.

The yearly expense of the electric energy is:

(48,000 BTU/h) × (960 h/year) × ($0.10/kW·h) ÷ (10 BTU/W·h) ÷ (1000 W/kW) = $460/year

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